If loses the nomination to one of his progressive rivals, reports that “an organic effort by younger black voters — concerned about Mr. Biden’s age and more moderate ideology — to sway their older family members” may be the reason.
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NEW from me: The best storyline at Texas Southern last week was outside the debate hall On the generational divide in black politics, and how younger black voters are desperately lobbying their older relatives to break up with Joe Biden's candidacy
Such a good piece
“If Biden is to be overtaken by one of his more progressive rivals, the most powerful tool against him may not be opposition research or negative advertisements. Instead, it may be an organic effort by younger black voters.”
Older black voters largely back Joe Biden. Younger black voters are interested in progressive candidates. After the last debate, some younger voters used the opportunity to push their parents and grandparents away from the candidate.
Thanksgiving and Christmas — plus fall break, if you're in college — all come soon. Get your talking points ready, young folks.
Younger Black Voters to Their Parents: Break Up With Joe Biden, I’m Bored - The New York Times
This is great reporting from . The tedious side of me wants to know more about gaps driven by age vs gaps driven by educational attainment.
“You know, it’s grandma, so you got to let her have it." One of the things I love about is the way he goes deep, CALLS THE GRANDMA, gets the nuance. What a terrific story, from start to finish
This is a super interesting article by on the generation gap among black voters
This piece is an illustration of good reporting on disagreements *within* nonwhite communities. Like whites, they're not monolithic.
Younger Black Voters to Their Parents: Break Up With Joe Biden, I’m Bored
So, this isn't 'pro-Biden' but it includes a lot of info from on the generational divide among African Americans, which is very informative about what it takes to get older blacks to reconsider Biden (a lot)