“The Kavanaugh controversy is not, as one reporter...described it, a ‘journalistic mishap.’ It is a case of Democratic activists and lawmakers using journalists precisely as intended: as instruments of a political agenda.” Must-read from
Brett Kavanaugh is more than a justice. He is a symbol of America's crisis of legitimacy. My column this week
Phenomenal column from on the latest round of ‘credible accusations’ against Justice Kavanaugh. "Accusations against him are "credible" simply because he is the target.”
Great piece by ⁦⁩: “The goal is neither objectivity nor factuality. It is de-legitimization.”
Kavanaugh and the Crisis of Legitimacy, column by
. is a must read! The disastrous rollout of this latest smear has had the ironic effect of highlighting the weakness of the original charges against him. Ford's friend Leland Keyser did not believe her story.
. on point here --> Kavanaugh and the Crisis of Legitimacy On Sept. 5, I wrote that both sides are girding for battle ahead of the Kavanaugh anniversary, seems to be playing out but not like Dems had planned:
. is so talented, and AEI is so lucky to have him now. Witness his latest.
COLUMN: Kavanaugh and the Crisis of Legitimacy
"Credible" now means "credulous."
Column: Why the Supreme Court justice became a symbol of polarization