"Often, publishing in Nature and similar journals is considered synonymous with success in science. This is a very narrow definition of success..." says , editor of in an interview with .
My interview with , Editor-in-Chief We discuss preprints, open-access, replication, ("It's like Marmite") + so much more. We could have gone on for hours! BTW she is the 1st female EIC in Nature's 150 year history
'I've also seen incredibly interesting & very technical discussions (on Twitter) about papers which extend the scholarship beyond what is present in the paper (...) this is something that journals have tried to achieve for a very long time but have failed'
Defining success, elegance, the value of threads, preprints, and #openscience for science #sciencetwitter An extended, memorable conversation w/ , Editor-in-Chief
Navigating Nature With Editor-in-Chief Magdalena Skipper