Breaking: An investigation by the state found that , the pub popular w/antifa militants, had knowingly allowed its patrons to use ‘illegal weapons’ against people on May Day. Report says the owner & a staff person tried to mislead investigators.
State regulators found that , an antifa pub in Portland, mislead investigators, allowed patrons to use illegal weapons, & tried to destroy or conceal evidence into the investigation where antifa militants used the pub as a site to launch attack.
State regulators recommend charges against , the Portland pub popular w/antifa militants, after investigation reveals pub allegedly mislead investigators, concealed or destroyed evidence, allowed its patrons to use illegal weapons & more.
NEW: Cops & prosecutors say right-wing agitators aligned w/ Patriot Prayer incited a violent brawl outside Cider Riot in NE Portland. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission () did its own investigation — and is going after the pub's owner & staff.
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