The pressure was so relentless that Mr. Zelensky dispatched one of his closest aides to open a line of communication with Rudolph W. Giuliani, one of Mr. Trump’s personal lawyers.
good story by , who has done a lot of uncovering facts on this front
Three years in the fact that vulnerable foreign officials are expected to pay dues at Trump's luxury hotels in downtown DC is treated as an afterthought to larger kinds of corruption
NEW: When US officials urged TRUMP to support UKRAINE's new president in his fight against Russia, was skeptical. “They’re terrible people,” he said of Ukrainian politicians, "& they tried to take me down.” Explaining TRUMP's grudge vs. Ukraine.
#Presidementia update: Trump has concrete “hatred” of Ukraine’s “terrible people,” shows inability to grasp abstract concepts, issues, ideas. This is a symptom of his cognitive impairment. #Alzheimers runs in families, destroyed Fred Trump in late life.