The U.S is the only major country on earth where you can lose your house, car or have your wages garnished because you can't afford to pay a medical bill. That's unconscionable & unacceptable. When Bernie is president we're going to #EliminateMedicalDebt.
Exclusive: Bernie Sanders is set to announce today a new plan that proposes wiping out an estimated $81 billion in Americans' existing medical debt. It calls for negotiating and canceling the debts, without specifying a precise mechanism.
Bernie Sanders Calls for Eliminating Americans’ Medical Debt
I haven’t had good credit since cancer. I’d have 800 with this.
Your healthcare should never be a debt sentence and you are not a loan. Bernie will #CancelMedicalDebt. All 81 billion dollars of it.
Medical debt should not exist. Here is ' plan to #EliminateMedicalDebt, new this morning
. Financial toxicity in healthcare is a major burden for Americans. Bernie Sanders proposes canceling existing medical debt. Interesting idea, pay-for unclear. Food for thought. ⁦⁩ supports #Accessforall. #ASTRO20