"Girly boys and tomboys are being told that gender trumps sex, and if a boy is effeminate or freaked out by team sports, he may actually be a girl, and if a girl is rough and tumble, she may actually be a boy. This is progressive?" via
This, from Andrew Sullivan, is so right on. We can’t teach obsession with race and not expect bad results.
"Indoctrinate yourselves as much as you want to, guys. It’s a free country. But hey, teacher — leave those kids alone." via
I have. For years No one seems to have thought through the implications of telling white boys that their core identity is their “whiteness,” or worried that indoctrinating kids into white identity might lead quite a few to...become “white identitarians”..
‘A searing takedown. Superb new book’. Andrew Sullivan in New York Magazine on ‘The Madness of Crowds’
New from : "Adults are increasingly forced to obey the new norms of “social justice” or be fired, demoted, ostracized, or canceled. Many resist; many stay quiet; a few succumb and convert. Children have no such options."
Interesting essay from #andrewsullivan on how wokeness can turn egalitarianism to reversed #racism and gender ideology
We're proud to be "ornery feminists" when it comes to worrying about gay and lesbian kids misdiagnosed as trans. Thanks, , for worrying too.
"Authorities impose an ideology onto reality; reality slowly fights back. The question is simply how much damage is done by this kind of utopianism before it crumbles under its own weight."
Great and important column from touching on many things but also on the insanity of teaching "whiteness" in schools and expecting progressive results.
"Having taken one form of religion out of the public schools, the social-justice left is now replacing it with the doctrines of intersectionality."—
Homosexual writer-Transgender ideology is homophobic Instead of seeing effeminate men as one kind of masculinity, transgenderism insists they must be women....A tomboy is not allowed to expand the bandwidth of what being female means but must be male.
Well, I guess has gone full transphobe, now warning that transgender people are literally coming after your kids: Thank you Riki Wilchins for calling it out: