Every senior member of Trump's national security team advised him to carry out military strikes against Iran. Not a single voice in favor of diplomacy.
Deep inside the Oval Office on a pivotal day for the US & Iran: An Abrupt Move That Stunned Aides: Inside Trump’s Aborted Attack on Iran
Trump finds himself back where he was in June, wrestling with the consequences of using force or avoiding it, except now Iran is accused of an even more brazen provocation with the stakes ever higher. ⁦⁩ ⁦
Reminder that Trump, for all his flaws, is saner than most people in Washington's foreign policy establishment.
Like I said, “Trump must have something in his eye because he keeps blinking.” In :
NYT: before canceling the Iran attack he “convened a dozen congressional leaders in the Situation Room” and “rambled on about how bad Obama’s deal had been and insisted over and over—a dozen times—that his pressure would force Iran to the bargaining table.”
Trump’s best moments as president generally involve recognizing that the team he’s hired is full of terrible people. But what if he ... didn’t hire them?
"How much Mr. Trump was paying attention to that part of the briefing or what he absorbed was not clear in hindsight to some officials."
This is at the core of what I don't like about Trump. He's indecisive and weak, and those are poor qualities in a leader. His stupid comments, bigotries, and poor treatment of immigrants all spring from the fact that at his core, he is a coward.
"The advisers were stunned ... when Mr. Trump took to Twitter to reveal that he had been 'cocked and loaded' for a strike and then called it off. ... [He] risked making it look like he had blinked. The moment was all too reminiscent to them of Mr. Obama."
Let me comment on this in a way boomers will understand: This is no way to run a railroad.
Really interesting stuff.
A Trump friend on the president: "People underestimate how much emotionally he does not like the idea of Americans dying needlessly." Oh, HE'S the one.
If you want to argue that Trump is looking to fight a war with Iran you really have to wrestle with the fact that he called off a military strike against Iran in September when the planes were in the air