World Meteorological Organization releases another terror-inducing summary of how we are destabilizing the climate at an accelerating rate
And there is a handy infographic summarising a lot of this here too
Concentrations of the three main GHG all growing strongly, no sign of slow down. @ The Global Climate in 2015-2019 new report,
Main conclusions from latest report by on climate change, with data up to July 2019: . The report shows further climate change acceleration, pushing governments meeting at this week to seek to share and commit to faster transition measures.
Hi yes, you can get it from here
Global Climate in 2015-2019: Climate change accelerates
Hard to pick the scariest stat from the 2015-2019 climate summary, but here's mine: "The rate of sea-level rise was 5 mm/yr, compared with 4 mm/yr for the preceding decade. This is substantially faster than the average rate since 1993 (3.2 mm/yr)."
With climate change there is more than enough to worry about. Not sure talking about climate accelerating over 5 years helps.