Our review of Bari Weiss's book, by Judith Butler
Judith Butler’s review of Bari Weiss’s book is a great essay on fighting antisemitism, with clear-cut identification & analysis instead of outrage and with rigorous historical knowledge instead of lazy epidemiological metaphors. Via ⁦
This review of Bari Weiss’s new book. Whew. It is an incisive and excellent review. Judith Butler takes Weiss seriously and identifies everything wrong with her overall approach to, well, everything. Damn.
re-posting this judith butler savaging of a book by a certain new york times bad opinion haver for no reason, no reason at all.
judith butler brought some real "you are hiding a child" energy to this
The generosity of Butler's (incisive) review here flows not just from her empathy but from a broader, political remit: An immanent critique of the self-styled 'two things can be true at once' truth-telling crusader. It should be the last word on the matter
each time bari is mentioned i absolutely need to remind everyone of Judith Butler's *chefs kiss* review of her book
There’s this trope that philosophers like Judith Butler write unclearly. But I thought this was a pretty clear evisceration of dumbass centrist thought.
Full review here
The most surprising thing about this review is not that it's written by Judith Butler. It's that Judith Butler can actually write coherent prose!
This is an amazing review by Judith Butler of book on antisemitism. Shallowness which is marketed by the as deep thinking...