Congratulations to , winner of the 2019 BPL Literary Prize (An award selected by librarians! We love librarians!) for Nonfiction for #NBAwards Finalist, Thick!
#THICKtheBook has been chosen as the 2019 Brooklyn Public Library Literary Award!!! That's a LIBRARY. With LIBRARIANS. The honor has levels. Thank you to all of the judges, nominees and fellow winner Mirian Toews. ❤️❤️
We're thrilled to announce the short list nominees for the 2019 #BKLYNLitPrize. Please join us in congratulating the nominated authors: , Aaron Bobrow-Strain, , , , Terrance Hayes & Miriam Toews!
S/O : Winner of the 2019 Brooklyn Public Library Literary Prize for Nonfiction for Thick: And Other Essays. Well deserved! #ThickTheBook
'Women Talking' by Miriam Toews is one of the best books I read last year. Congrats. #mennolit #canlit #greatlit