Visualize a mind-bending black hole 😱 The gravity of a black hole is so intense, it distorts its surroundings like a carnival mirror. Simulations help us see what Einstein meant when he said gravity warps the fabric of space & time. Get sucked in:
New NASA visualization offers a detailed look what you'd see if you were hanging out alongside a feeding black hole.
A model of a black hole surrounded by gas glowing under gravity and friction. The gases really are just a disk but views from different angles are warped by the black hole’s extreme gravity! More: Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Jeremy Schnittman
👀 We can't stop looking at this compelling visualization that released last year of how a black hole's gravity skews the paths of light coming from different parts of the disk and distorts our view. Full description of what's happening:
NASA Visualization Shows a Black Hole’s Warped World.
Visualization of a disk of gas swirling around a black hole, viewed edgewise.
Remember earlier this year when NASA put out an image of a black hole? Here's a simulation of what it'd look like up close that is BLOWING MY MIND
Scroll down in the article to the first animation. It’s worth it. And then read the article carefully to understand why the accretion disk looks so warped instead of flat. NASA Visualization Shows a Black Hole’s Warped World | NASA