is very comfortable lying to the australian people, but today he looked world leaders directly in the eye and lied to them. 🤥 morrison claimed “australia is taking real action on climate change and getting results” thread 👇 #auspol
. says Australia's record on climate change misrepresented by media If it isn't melting it's flooding. If it isn't flooding it's burning. But drought envoy...what about that?
Here's a little explainer of how Australia's prime minister used a few bog-standard rhetorical tricks to actively and knowingly deceive the United Nations, this week, on Australia's emissions record
I'm pretty sure the UN's climate advisers are fairly capable of assessing Australia's lack of action on climate change all on their own hey
Scott Morrison is right. The press have misrepresented Australia's achievements on climate change. Instead of repeating what they say they've done, its time to say what they've really done. ↑ non-landuse emissions 17 t CO2 pp pyear Fo$$il fuel$