On The Briefing Room podcast... In an hour-long special asks does Britain's constitution need an overhaul? Joining the conversation:
TONIGHT: this will be seriously good. An all-star lineup in conversation with for an hour: The Unit's Meg Russell Alison Young of Murray Hunt of Michael Keating of
“Constitutional law at the moment in the UK is exciting. It is not a good thing for constitutional law to be exciting.” ’s interrogation of this subject is wonderful. If you haven’t listened yet then do! I listened to it 3 times!
Tonight on The Briefing Room: is British democracy at a crossroads? In an extended programme, asks who is running Britain, and is it now time to have a written constitution? Radio 4 8pm and then on The Briefing Room podcast.
Who now runs the country? Tonight on The Briefing Room will talk to guests about where the Supreme Court judgement this week leaves things and whether we need a written constitution. Tune into at 8pm or download the podcast later
For folk who wish to listen to it, I’ve just found the programme link here Don’t know why the BBC website makes the search so damned difficult now, especially splitting the radio (BBC Sounds) from TV (iPlayer)