For the last 8 years I’ve been working on Our World in Data. The very best thing that happened was that *amazing* researchers and developers have joined and we are now working together every single day. I thought it’s time look back and tell our story
When it comes to relentlessly using data to combat wrong narratives, two names spring to mind: the late Hans Rosling, and the very much alive . Read his history of Our World in Data—a resource growing more superb by the day:
Our World in Data has been a project 8 years in the making. In our latest post reflects on the journey of how it all started and got to where it is now
The remarkable story of . It has become one the most consulted web-based sources of research & data, tackling global problems from #education to #health & #development. A great effort led by at . Here, a brief summary:
‘the absence of a factual discussion of global problems and achievements destroyed my confidence in our world and robbed me of my hope for the future.’ The history of Our World in Data - Our World in Data