The deception of the anti-police narrative reached a shameless new low at a hearing last week. Committee members should sanction the false testimony—given under oath—and publicly correct the record. ➡️ 🚨 via cc:
No. Some key claims seem to have been falsehoods, if not outright lies. You can see this for yourselves by comparing Goff's testimony to the sources in the link below. Others were of the form "I am confusing my criticisms of the work" with "debunking."
I encourage the witnesses who testified that day—, , ’s Lynda Garcia—to read my response to the anti-police narrative and false testimony given under oath.
My response to last week’s hearing on policing practices.
Maybe you can figure out if there's an actual reason why these researchers retracted their study -- other than that Heather MacDonald cited it, quite carefully it seems to me
Important piece on police statistics.