Never forget: racism got us here
Breaking News: President Trump slashed the American refugee program by almost half. Only 18,000 people will be accepted during the next 12 months.
This is shameful in the extreme, the reasons given for it are garbage, and Stephen Miller diminishes the United States' moral standing every day he's in the WH
Only 18k refugees will be accepted into the US next year, compared to a ceiling of 110k that was set during the final year of the Obama administration.
Trump has decided to slash the American refugee program even further, agreeing to accept just 18,000 refugees during the next 12 months, a fraction of the 110,000 that the United States agreed to take in 2016. ⁦
Refugees are fleeing violence and oppression, and our values compel us to help them. As president, I'll reverse Trump's cruel, bigoted policies and welcome at least 175,000 refugees per year by the end of my first term.
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – in the 1930’s refugees were excluded, and Jews died. Who will die in 2020 if we slash admission of refugees? The administration should reverse this decision before its too late.
The Trump-Pence administration has announced that the US will cut in half the number on refugees it allows in the country, stepping up its attacks on immigrants and refugees in unimaginable ways.
“The Rev. John L. McCullough, president of Church World Service, a resettlement agency, declared, ‘With one final blow, the Trump administration has snuffed out Lady Liberty’s torch and ended our nation’s legacy of compassion and welcome’” #WithRefugees
Meanwhile: Trump Slashes Refugee Cap to 18,000, Curtailing U.S. Role as Haven
A shameful and mean-spirited decision. via ⁦
This is not surprising but tragic news - both for refugees, but also for the US who was seen as a compassionate leader and safe haven for the world’s neediest.
Trump slashes refugee cap to 18,000, curtailing traditional U.S. role as haven for those fleeing persecution.
The United States has long been a humanitarian leader by welcoming refugees fleeing persecution & violence. But slashed the number of refugees the US will accept to historic lows – & now he’s cutting further. It's heartless & wrong.
Un-American. Foul. Shameful.
I try, I really do. But I can't imagine how policies like these are anything more than malice and xenophobia. Maybe I've failed.
Buried lede in this NY Times story about the Trump admin "slashing" the number of refugees it will accept over the next 12 months. Between migrants AND refugees, the total influx—in a single year—could be 368,000 people.
Mean-spirited, inhumane, bad for American economy, and an admission that Trump does not intend for America to be great again. We shall be known as a smaller, smaller-minded, and smaller-hearted country with a narrower vision.
Trump's Ukraine phone call was bad. But this, IMHO, is 1,000 times worse.