This Sean Wilentz essay in is a fabulous history of Trump as the culmination of 70 years of Republican politics, rather than some wild departure from the party’s trajectory.
“Much of the wreckage Trump has caused is simply the expression of his willingness to pursue long-standing Republican policies while coarsening the polarizing politics practiced by the George W. Bush White House.”
This is a good piece by reviewing American Carnage, discussing the Trump administration as in continuity with the W. one, something that makes sense but is never discussed.
In his review, Sean Wilentz writes that Tim Alberta’s book ‘American Carnage’ “completely misses—indeed, fundamentally misunderstands—a major impetus behind Trump’s ascendancy: the destructive presidency of George W. Bush”
"The centerpiece of Bush’s presidency was, of course, the dramatic tax cuts of 2001 and 2003." . What? Not The Patriot Act, TSA, Afghanistan, Iraq War, torture, No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, TARP, & other massive expansions of state?
"While they stumble around dazed, the Never Trumpers seem unable to admit, at least publicly, to their complicity in their own downfall." in . Curious as to what thinks.
« Control of the courts for the Christian right and the Federalist Society, tax windfalls and deregulation for the donor class: these were the causes that truly stirred the GOP majorities in Congress. »