Afghan officials watch Netflix documentaries on the Vietnam war, the Taliban promise to be America’s best friends, and Afghans worry about a post-American future. My Review cover essay.
ICYMI: My weekend Review cover essay on Afghanistan’s moment of truth. Why Afghan officials watch Vietnam War documentaries on Netflix and why the Taliban talk up oil concessions to American firms.
We don’t know what happened today in Afghanistan’s elections, as results trickle in - but did an elegant job of setting the scene, with sharp focus on the peace process.
What next for Afghanistan? My Review cover essay on a country torn between hope for peace and dread of even worse bloodshed to come.
In their talks with U.S. negotiators, the Taliban have operated on the assumption that the Trump administration’s overriding priority is to pull out, writes .
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“We are all fed up with war. We want to have peace,” said former lawmaker Fawzia Koofi, who participated in recent informal intra-Afghan talks with the Taliban. “But we don’t want a peace where, yes, we can breathe, but it’s like a prison.”