A graphical representation of the gender gap across the world. Spoiler alert - the gap is consistently wide, slow to be fixed and borderless. 😔 #gendergap #women
Women hold just 34% of managerial positions worldwide. And fewer than 10% of countries have female heads of state.
I love a good chart. Here are six from the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report that tell an important story of the areas where we’re making progress on gender equality around the world—and where there’s more work still to do.
Congrats to my great great granddaughters. (Or my daughters if we move to Europe.)
A child born today could see #genderequality in 3 out of the world's 8 regions in their lifetime. (North America is not one of those 3). Check out these striking visuals of how far we have to go: #EqualityCantWait
Interesting global data from on a variety of factors impacting gender pay disparities.
The gender gap in 6 charts: world data