Sex, tequila, and a tiger: Employees inside Adam Neumann’s WeWork talk about the non-stop party to attain a $100 billion dream and the messy reality that tanked it via
I don’t know which of the crazy stories to pick out about what it’s like to work at WeWork, so read the whole thing 👇🏼
Craziness at WeWork, brought to light by -- some amazing stuff about Adam inviting random people to meetings, breaking into Hebrew in the middle of meetings, and the infamous mandatory "Camp" which is like a Burning Man nightmare: via
This quote re: WeWork has stayed with me for days: "Never think you're indispensable — look what happened to Adam."
. did it again: after her amazing, in-depth story on () she wrote a jaw dropping piece on what actually happened within -> So excited about !
A broken culture is the clearest sign of a broken company. At , it was apparent when the company had 100 employees. Learn the lesson. Avoid these companies. Speak up. Let's do better as an industry.
One person I spoke with estimated the 3-day camp cost wework at least $10-15 million to throw — all for this nightmare HR scenario 🤷‍♀️
“Sounds of coworkers having sex filled the air”