"I got a master class in just how deeply one’s background and ideology can shape a version of events—the facts find a way only to marshal themselves around the hypothesis it seems likely the authors had to begin with."
One of the most thoughtful and intellectually honest reviews I've read in a long time. By in .
This is a nuanced, carefully thought out piece about a highly emotional matter; so I expect the author to be assailed for daring to offer anything other than black and white conclusions. Worth your time.
“It is possible to be badly behaved when drunk and not commit sexual assault [or] ... not remember due to alcohol blackout.” It’s also possible to be a drunk 15 yr old whose memory’s been distorted over 30 yrs by social/political beliefs.
Give some credit here: she makes a real attempt at objectivity, which means she comes away unconvinced all around. "What 2 Deep-Dive Books on Kavanaugh Taught Me About Truth in the Trump Era"
Not sure why the link was deleted, but here's the powerful and sobering story