Exciting bioRxiv announcement: new pilot project that allows journals & peer review services to display peer reviews by bioRxiv preprints: Transparent Review in Preprints #TRiP Thread 1/n
2019 was ’s strongest year so far - 29k new articles posted, compared with 20k in 2018. Looking forward to more of everything in 2020 - posts, comments, manuscript transfers and journal choices, plus transparent peer review in preprints
Today #bioRxiv announced "Transparent Review in Preprints". As part of this pilot project, we will explore how #TRiP can support our wider efforts to encourage greater transparency in peer review
Reviews of same papers will show up on biorxiv now. This is inching closer to the world of post-pub peer review, which is great
Announcing a new pilot project in which journals and journal-independent review services apply "transparent peer review in preprints” to manuscripts on the platform. #TRiP
3 exciting applications of Transparent Review in Preprints (TRiP): 1) join 180 published in with ref reports to add value to #openscience 2) use constructive quality #PeerReview to post reviewed preprints
"It is possible that reviews commissioned by a journal will be displayed alongside papers the journal ultimately chooses not to publish." That could apply to 32% of bioRxiv preprints. Talk about a disincentive.
What a day for changes to peer review! and many journals launch the to share reviews between journals. Contrast with the "waterfall" model at major publishers. Also, now posting reviews!
Proportion likely highest in genomics and comp bio. BTW, Plan U + widespread adoption of (combined with TRiP ) could speed up the publication process overall
Transparent review in preprints
This is the sort of process we're working to enable around bioRxiv/medRxiv with technology like B2J/J2B (see ) and TRiP (), which to their great credit eLife and >150 other journals have participated in (see )
Transparent review in preprints. Blurring the lines between preprints and open peer-review.
Yep - a society could pretty much do this tomorrow using TRiP and just not bother to host the paper post-acceptance
Cold Spring Harbor announces Launch of Transparent Review in Preprints (). Project enables journals and peer review services to post peer reviews of submitted manuscripts on CSHL’s preprint server bioRxiv.