A new partnership between and brings peer review to #preprints. From December 2019, Review Commons will carry out high-quality, journal-independent scientific review before journal submission. #PeerReview
Very pleased is participating in the trial Submitted papers peer reviewed for scientific rigour & merit without regard to journal Post-review authors can place reviews on & submit paper to affiliated journal
Review Commons has "a strong group of community-minded academic journals joining this ambitious project" says director . We're thrilled to be working with , , , , , ,
Review Commons allows authors to have their manuscripts evaluated for technical rigor and contribution to the scientific community, but not fit in a particular journal. Authors then choose to submit to one of 17 affiliate journals. Learn more.
3) post ref reports + your rebuttal irrespective of journal acceptance to disseminate faster and interest other jnls as well as the community
We're partnering with to let Review Commons users post their pre-submission peer-reviews on the biorXiv #preprints server, providing valuable context to the research and reducing the need for re-review on journal submission #openscience
A really interesting experiment in peer review, supported at launch by six publishers and 17 participating journals:
What a day for changes to peer review! and many journals launch the to share reviews between journals. Contrast with the "waterfall" model at major publishers. Also, now posting reviews!
and – you’ve probably seen the new #preprint portable #peerreview initiative from and ?
Support Review Commons, a pre-journal submission platform for peer review ( launches in Dec). Journals can select which papers/authors to approach for publication. 17 journals so far have signed up (and I'm sure more to come) 👇
Pre-submission peer review at preprint servers: introducing Review Commons
The future of scientific publishing & to launch a pre-journal portable review platform
EMBO and ASAPbio to launch a pre-journal portable review platform