I wrote about Harvard admissions and the dark underbelly of recruiting for Rich-Kid Sports—a practice which allows both elite colleges and elite companies to screen for privilege
I wrote about how this paper shows that Harvard's athletic program—like so many college sports recruitment programs—serves a very specific, and extremely dubious, goal: Bring in rich kids, mostly white.
“...more than 40 percent of accepted white students were “ALDC”—athletes, legacies, Dean’s list (meaning related to donors), or the children of faculty. Without such preferences, they said, three-quarters of those white students would have been rejected.”
So that's the story. Elite status is passed on, generation to generation, through the maintenance of a secret social language: the code of fancy sports.
Every fencer I have ever met has been an "elite" fencer; this explains why.
"Elite status is thus carried on, generation to generation, through the maintenance of a particular social language: the code of fancy sports." Read
"At Harvard, nearly 1,200 undergraduates—or 20 percent of the student body— participate in intercollegiate athletics. That’s more student athletes than Ohio State University, whose total undergraduate enrollment of 46,000 is nearly seven-times larger."
‘In elite firms, filtering for fancy sports allowed high-status adults to hire their socioeconomic clones without having to ask the rude question: “So, kid, is your family rich like mine, or no?”‘
A 'university' /= one place. It is many places, often very dissociated - research center "at" a university may have zero formal contact with teaching. Likewise administration, likewise sport, etc. Here's something I've noticed about Harvard.
From age 8 I spent upward of 6 hours a day in a swimming pool while everybody else had a life; according to the Atlantic I was committing a scam
Harvard gives preferential treatment to affluent white applicants through legacy preferences and sports recruitment.
I expect this to be misrepresented as three quarters of all accepted white students, rather than three quarters of the 40% who are ALDC (i.e., 30% of all accepted white students).