1. Until last week, Facebook's ad policies prohibited "false or misleading content" Facebook quietly changed its policies last week and eliminated that language Facebook tells me its policy is that Trump (and other political figures) CAN LIE IN PAID ADS
CNN is refusing to air Trump’s ad on Biden, because it contains demonstrably false claims But Facebook is running it Facebook tells me it’s policy is to run political ads even if they contain lies
The Trump campaign is flooding the zone w/a Facebook ad whose central claim has been ruled FALSE by Facebook's third-party fact-checkers Facebook says the ad DOESN'T VIOLATE ITS POLICIES because political ads are exempt from fact-checking Details here ➡️
2. The new ad policy "prohibits ads that include claims debunked by third-party fact checkers" So you would think that would prohibit political ads that are debunked Nope. Facebook tells me POLITICIANS ARE EXEMPT FROM FACT CHECKING
3. This came up when I noticed that Trump was running an ad on Facebook featuring a claim that was ruled false by two Facebook-approved third-party fact-checkers, and Facebook says this Trump ad DOES NOT VIOLATE ITS POLICIES
3. Trump is spending millions on Facebook ads featuring claims that have been debunked by Facebook's third-party fact-checkers In response, Facebook CHANGED ITS POLICIES to allow Trump (and other politicians) to lie in ads
1. Last Thursday, I reported that Facebook had made a change to the language in its advertising policy and now politicians like Trump were explicitly able to LIE in Facebook ads. Today, in a new Facebook ad, Trump is taking full advantage of it.
Warren is responding to a policy change that was first reported in my newsletter, Popular Information: I'll have more on how Facebook and Google are dealing with political ads in my newsletter this week. Sign up ➡️
5. Publicly Facebook claims to be fighting misinformation, particularly as it relates to politics and elections. But this policy means Facebook will be PROFITING from misinfo ahead of 2020. It's also a green light to the Trump campaign: Anything goes
4. Facebook says again and again that it never changed it's political ad policy. But it did! I have receipts. The policy used to ban all misinformation in ads. Then Trump started spending millions to spread misinformation and the policy was changed.
If you work for Facebook, you might want to reevaluate if this is a company that reflects your values. As an engineer, it’s easy to vote with your workforce, and jobs are everywhere.
For anyone who thinks Facebook will ever self regulate in a meaningful sense, check this out
Facebook in 2016: wow we really screwed things up huh Facebook in 2020: hold our beer “Facebook says Trump can lie in his Facebook ads” via