Hong Kong invoking the Emergency Regulations Ordinance to ban face masks does not answer the people's grievances, and only intensifies concerns about freedom of expression.
Many masked Hong Kong protesters stayed on the streets in defiance of a new ban on masks that took effect at midnight local time. It carries a punishment of up to a year in jail along with a fine.
Hong Kong’s leader invoked emergency powers to ban masks amid increasingly violent protests, deploying a rarely used law that could inflame tensions.
🇭🇰 In a different time, the United States would be offering comfort and support to the democracy protesters in Hong Kong And we'd be urging restraint and reform from Beijing Alas, not now Which raises the question: What do we stand for?
Hong Kong invokes emergency to ban face masks. I suspect this will just add to the protesters’ resentment of an undemocratic government via ⁦
China to Hong Kong residents: No more preference falsification. via ⁦
Hong Kong Leader Invokes Emergency Powers to Ban Masks During Protests
My respect for those in Hong Kong struggling for decency only grows each day; my astonishment at the callousness of their authorities, I fear, will also grow. Courage is apparent.