🚨NEW!!🚨Today Action Fund is launching an amazing new tool to help people figure out what office to run for. Fill out your address & instantly see a list of all the state & local offices available, plus filing info, salary, and more.
If you've considered running for local office—or know someone who would be great—please take a look at this incredibly useful new tool from . Plug in your address and it'll tell you every elected position you may be eligible to run for
Today Action Fund launched a lookup tool that allows you to see what offices you can run for in your area! Share far and wide. We need more awesome folks running for office! .
On a normal day, we get 20ish people raising their hands to sign up to . Since we launched this morning, more than 400 people have signed up to run. Making information more accessible is always always always a good thing!
Don't run for office because we're asking you to. Run for office because you have the ability to make a difference in your community. Run because your voice matters and it deserves to be heard. Run because you are the future of this country: