The Prime Minister is pursuing a policy that has no democratic mandate. Voters don't want no deal and Parliament doesn't want no deal. It's a policy driven by his disaster capitalist backers and ideologues from one wing of the Tory Party. Make it Stop.
#Voters are turning against #Johnson ‘s #NoDealBrexit as deadline approaches, poll suggests
Latest poll for , 1-4 Oct Con 31% ±0 Lab 26% -1 Lib Dem 20% +1 Brexit 11% -2 Green 7% +1 Online survey of 1,514 GB adults; changes since 3-6 Sep
Voters turning against no-deal Brexit as deadline approaches, new poll suggests
Only a third of Brits want the crazy No Deal #Brexit pushed by Johnson We need a #PeoplesVote to stop his attack on democracy March on October 19th!