My piece, The Many Sins of College Admissions, discussing the case:
Here is my take on the Harvard University case alleging discrimination in its admissions program, where the court found in favor of Harvard but also told it to examine its possible implicit bias...
Worth reading, like everything from .
Clearest take on the #AsianAmericans and #SFFA #affirmative action decision I have read
The clearest message to emerge from the Harvard admissions case is that élite universities are very far from being able to achieve racially diverse student bodies using only race-neutral methods.
The court’s solution to the Harvard admissions case—of finding for Harvard but also telling it clearly to examine its own implicit bias—showed practical wisdom, writes.
New piece by on the Harvard affirmative action case
“The court recognized that Harvard’s admissions outcomes “may reflect some implicit biases” against Asians that, “while regrettable, cannot be eliminated in a process that must rely on judgments about individuals.””
On Monday Prof published this piece on the district court opinion upholding Harvard's admissions program: