Stitch Fix is using something called eigenvector decomposition, a concept from quantum mechanics, to tease apart the overlapping “notes” in an individual’s style. Using physics, the team can better understand the complexities of the clients’ style minds.
Here's a crazy fact: The most represented PhD on Stitch Fix's data science team is astrophysics. There are hoards of astrophysicists working at Netflix and Spotify and all across Silicon Valley. What's up with that? My latest for
This article may seem silly. But it says something that startled me when I first heard it years ago: who are the ideal quants for tech and finance? Astrophysicists. They know math & physics, they’re great at coding, and they’re at home with noisy data
I recommend reading this story about astrophysicists abandoning academia to work for tech companies as a dystopian satire or a Black Mirror episode. You will never be Carl Sagan. Now, come and get that money and improve our recommendation algorithms!
The Style-Quantifying Astrophysicists of Silicon Valley. Article featuring members of the Algorithms Team.
A growing number of astrophysicists are leaving academia to join data science teams at tech companies amid a surging demand for machine learning expertise ( / Wired)
The next field Silicon Valley is raiding for talent? Astrophysics. They're designing algorithms for now. Here's at with a terrific story on it
Used to be banking and hedge funds but is this any better use of math skills?