Excited to share a paper in our longstanding collaboration with identifying tumorigenic loss of BRD9 in SF3B1-mutant malignancies out today in . Co-led by and Guo-Liang "Chewie" Chew with amazing help from .
Very excited to share our story about how SF3B1 mutations disrupt a SWI/SNF complex to promote #cancer, just out in . Great collaboration with and .
CRISPR screen suggests how commonly mutated RNA splicing factor SF3B1 may lead to chromatin remodeling, promote tumorigenesis
Deregulation of Alternative Splicing is a major hallmark of cancer but only few people is working on it. Elucidating biology behind SF3B1 mutation + develpt of spliceosome inh could help the field growing.
The spliceosome is a new frontier in cancer genomics.  This study used a single guide RNA library combined with a CRISPR screen to analyze cancer targets of a mutated gene SF3B1 that influences the splicing of other genes #AML #genomics #spliceosome
A trio of highly instructive papers on disruptive splicing mutations and #cancer importance of non-coding; basis of multiple cancers; mechanism of SF3B1
Three interesting new papers today on how spliceosomal mutations actually drives cancer — and how to correct it U1-snRNA SF3B1 Cool animation from