What does the academic job market look like? Do I need a CNS paper? (no) Do I need a K99? (no) How many applications? (>15) It’s peak application season & the survey results are in! Here's some key takeaways 1/6
“men had significantly more first author publications than women (medians of 7 and 5, respectively) Wilcoxon rank sum), more total publications (medians 16 and 11,) and more overall citations (medians of 343 and 228)”
"..our survey captured applicants’ perception of the faculty job application process as unnecessarily stressful, time-consuming, and largely lacking in feedback, irrespective of a successful outcome"
It was a pleasure collaborating with some amazing members on a survey of the academic job search process Will RT details
Fantastic and useful study by the awesome ; et al Insights from a survey-based analysis of the academic job market
Wondering what it’s really like to go through the academic job application process? Check out this study, surveying hundreds of applicants..
A new survey-based study looks at key metrics for people getting faculty positions: Publishing papers (including on preprint servers), a fellowship (but not a K). Not important? A paper in a glamour journal (yeah society journals!)
#Preprint: Insights from a survey-based analysis of the academic job market - "Many postdoctoral fellows in the STEM fields enter the academic job market with little knowledge of the process and expectations ... demystifying this process is critical."