Hey, so here's an article I absolutely could not have published at my last job. Reporters using G Suite: What data is visible to Google, U.S. agencies, and even your employer?
If you work in a newsroom, there’s a good chance you use Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more. This really useful writeup by explains what data in G Suite is visible to Google, to US agencies, and to your employer's G Suite admins
In relying on Google Docs, journalists are— in a certain sense—putting a vote of confidence in Google, the US legal system, & the admin of their G Suite. For many reporters, that may make sense. For others, it may not Glad put this out
G Suite is convenient for many media orgs and it’s important that journalists know how their environments are set up. Consider this article a conversation starter between newsrooms and security teams, e.g. when and how should alternative solutions be used?
"This insight into user data means that U.S. agencies have the ability to compel Google to hand over relevant user data to aid in investigations [including drafts of articles that journalists have written in Google Docs]."
"Documents within your G Suite domain are not end-to-end encrypted, meaning that Google has everything they need to read your data." by