If you've been asking why this coronavirus is so "good" at infecting people & what it does to the body, today's #resetpod is worth your time I interviewed , who explained what we know so far Listen here: Or here:
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“Start calling scientists: how to get a treatment for your toddler’s rare disease” Today’s Reset feels special. Thanks to , for making it with me. And a big thanks to for telling us about his reporting
This is your regular reminder that you can follow #resetpod guests by checking out this list Today's additions are , who put the news that Google gained access to millions of medical records in context:
If you're watching #UnnaturalSelection + you're curious to hear more about what's going on with #biohacking, don't miss the Reset podcast with ! Listen to the episode featuring @4LOVofScience and me talking about ethics and governance!
I got to reconnect with my former colleague on the latest episode of #resetpod. We talked about her crucial reporting on sexual predation in video game chats. Tough subject matter. Great interview. Listen
. and I disagree about the impact of the Twitter political ad ban — so we talked about it on #resetpod! Listen here
Today's #resetpod has artfully explaining the scam that she uncovered for . We follow that up with some helpful context for this fiasco from the lovely . Listen and subscribe now
Remember the texting fiasco where tons of people got NINE MONTH OLD text messages last week? Today's #resetpod starts with a story from Turns out her ex received a delayed message from her months after they'd broken up listen
Today's episode of Reset deals with the new data privacy law that's now in effect in California. To find out what it all means, I spoke with , of , and Alastair Mctaggart of #resetpod
Had a little recording session with this AM. This is all part of the launch of Reset, the new tech podcast I’m working on, that launches on October 15th.Subscribe here to hear the trailer! #resetpod
And I also had a little recording session this AM with for the launch of Reset on October 15th. Subscribe here to hear the trailer! #resetpod