Did you know one can inherit both copies of a chromosome from just one parent? Read all about it in our latest paper, with @23andMeResearch and led by former grad student Priyanka Nakka in American Journal of Human Genetics. 1/3
Characterization of Prevalence and Health Consequences of Uniparental Disomy in Four Million Individuals from the General Population 🆕collaboration w/ our former intern Priyanka Nakka of the lab now in :
New! Nakka et al. report the prevalence & consequences of UPD in over 4 million people
I think is talking about this paper #gi2019
On 2 genomic "glitches" 1. De novo mutations (not in parents)—we each have ~70, 10% from embryo (not sperm/egg); vary by family; and esp father age 2. Uniparental disomy, see: by