Barcelona ✅ Copenhagen ✅ Guadalajara ✅ Lima ✅ London ✅ Los Angeles ✅ Milan ✅ Oslo ✅ Paris ✅ Quezon City ✅ Seoul ✅ Stockholm ✅ Tokyo ✅ Toronto ✅ These cities have just committed to achieve a planetary health diet for all by 2030. 🍅🍆🥕🥔 👉🏿
Last June we were in Stockholm at #EATforum19 working with Seoul, New York, Quito, Toronto, Los Angeles, London and other leading Now 14 pioneer Mayors committed their cities with the Good Food Cities Declaration📝 we are very proud of this! 👉
. at #C40Summit congratulates the 14 #C40 mayors who have committed to the Good Food Declaration, ensuring their citizens have access to the #planetaryhealth diet. "#Foodsystems are central to #climate action" #thefuturewewant #EATLancet