bret stephens backed out of the event he was supposed to do with the professor who called him a bedbug because he wanted it to be closed to the public
I think if you try to get someone fired for an anodyne insult, compare them to nazis in print, then back out of debating them in person, you forfeit the right to accuse anyone else, ever, of being a snowflake or refusing to countenance challenging ideas.
“Bret Stephens has backed out of an upcoming scheduled event at GWU, where he was set to discuss civil discourse online with prof Dave Karpf. ... Stephens insisted that the event be closed to the public. When Karpf disagreed, Stephens pulled out entirely.”
what an incredible chickenshit
Bret Stephens backs out of bedbug debate | GW shouldn’t have offered the forum in first place but this is an appropriately amusingly dumb way for it to end
I’d like to read the honest, reflective Bret Stephens column in which he admits he now favors “safe spaces” and has come to doubt the utility of public, showdown-y debates in the social media age. I doubt we’ll get it, though.
Bret Stephens is not a bedbug. He is a chicken. 🐓🐓🐓
“At the last minute, Stephens insisted that the event be closed to the public.“