The acting homeland security secretary, Kevin McAleenan, is out after 6 months
While McAleenan commanded respect officials in the department, others blamed him for going along with Trump’s efforts to separate families...and turning a security agency created after the 9/11 attacks into the engine of Mr. Trump’s immigration agenda.
A recap of some of the most severe border and asylum policies DHS implemented under the leadership of Kevin McAleenan. And he still didn’t win the trust of the White House.
The Vacancies Act stipulates that the position must go to certain ranked officials in the department, but according to two people briefed on the circumstances surrounding Ms. Nielsen’s departure, rules were changed that rendered the act moot.
Kevin McAleenan is out. And though he has publicly criticized the way that the administration has presented some of its most aggressive policies, it's worth remembering that he often pushed for them behind closed doors
McAleenan, a former CPB commissioner, enforced and helped enact the most severe border policy of the Trump administration
Local crime syndicate under investigation reports difficulty in keeping top posts filled.