Quillette reviews the documentary The Rise of Jordan Peterson
"It’s sickly ironic that a film of such outstanding originality is being shut out of independent and arthouse cinemas, the very cultural institutions that should be most committed to supporting such creative work."
Our most read article of October reviews the new Jordan Peterson documentary which has had a number of its screenings cancelled across Canada and the US
"A theater in Brooklyn cancelled a second screening, despite the fact that the first sold out and received good reviews, “because some staff were offended . . . and felt uncomfortable.”"
"The result is a refreshingly original take on the Peterson phenomenon, with the vision and skill to transcend the intellectually and emotionally suffocating boxes with which it has typically been framed." writes #RJPFilm
‘The Rise of Jordan Peterson’—A Review |
Many thanks to f/inviting me to review new doc, "The Rise of Jordan Peterson." It's an excellent film & I hope it finds a wide audience. Here's my review
Can't wait to see this film. Too bad progressives have effectively shut down all public venues. What are they afraid of?