Here’s our story about weather prediction from last night’s episode
Barry Myers' conflicts of interest are no longer an open secret in Washington - thanks to for shining a bright light on the need for free, reliable weather reports from . We need experience and competence
John Oliver on did a fantastic job on this segment about the NWS, the organizations importance and the blatant conflict of interest it would be to have Barry Myers as head of NOAA. A+ Comedy, excellent fact-based reporting. THANK YOU!!
Nuanced & hilarious (if a bit NSFW) take by on sometimes contentious relationship between public & private weather enterprise in United States--and the truly indispensable role of taxpayer-funded National #Weather Service. cc
Comedy and expressive language aside, this is really spot on. Take a moment and acknowledge your local ⁦⁩ offices for their service. ⁦⁩ ⁦
Damning takedown of Trump nominee Barry Myers by on . NOAA shouldn't be run by someone uninterested in serving the public.
John Oliver: Weather On the attack of commercial weather presenters on the National Weather Service and the value of international collaboration; , . Trump is still nominating the millionaire boss of to lead the .
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