This is an absolute dream come true. My book, Self-Portrait in Black and White: Unlearning Race, is out tomorrow. And the brilliant Andrew Solomon has reviewed it for the COVER of next Sunday's –still the best real estate going. I'm floored.
Bravo ⁦⁩ for this book and this review. It’s easy to think “identity” means artful variations on defining yourself against “whiteness.” This book does the real work of thinking about identity more realistically and productively.
I've not stopped thinking about this book since I read it last month and this thoughtful, incisive analysis is the kind of review it deserves; a wonderful unpacking of the various boxes we "viscerally believe" in
“People will always look different from each other in ways we can’t control," Thomas Chatterton Williams writes. "What we can control is what we allow ourselves to make of those differences.”
I love it when one brilliant and original mind thinks so deeply and generously about another. Bravo, and well done, . Also, I love this book.
How Moving to France and Having Children Led a Black American to Rethink Race - The New York Times Great write up!
"he is so honest and fresh in his observations, so skillful at blending his own story with larger principles, that it is hard not to admire him. At a time of increasing division, his philosophizing evinces an underlying generosity."
"In the end, Williams avers that race is a construction foisted on all people by the majority, and that it is unhelpful." Great and thoughtful review by of 's new book
“Thomas Chatterton Williams rejects the anger endemic to so much current writing about race in America; he is refreshingly free of the punishing though brilliant...