., the editor, thought the call telling him he was chosen to moderate Tuesday's primary debate — the biggest in history — was a joke. (It wasn't.) Get to know him before he goes onstage with and
Meet my boss, , who will moderate tomorrow's Democratic debate in Ohio. It's the first debate that The Times has hosted in more than a decade. I'm very proud to work for him! #Bruh
You've seen presidential debates, but never one moderated by my boss, , who has reported all over the world, runs the NYT National desk & keeps all of us correspondents out in the country on our toes. Meet him before tuning in tonight
As a lucky beneficiary of 's journalistic suturing, let me just say I'm glad he didn't become a surgeon. More here about 's fearless leader & moderator of tomorrow’s Democratic debate. Watch out, his questions may not have a nut graf.