How to determine an increase in longevity of one year had the same effect on happiness as a 4.3 % increase in GDP? Review over 8 million books 😉 the national valence index from 1820-2009 by Thomas Hills
Were people really happier in the past? 😃 A team of researchers from and UofG analysed millions of books and articles to find out! Read the paper 👉
so, here's the source of that happy Victorians nonsense. It is truly maddening to behold and utterly perplexing that it was published in nature. I wish we could focus on a more positive raison d'etre for historians of emotions, but for now, this is it
Can we measure happiness? In an article published this week, and colleagues present an objective measure of national subjective wellbeing, using 200 years of historical text
National well-being estimated from book texts shows quickly increasing US happiness in recent decades; happiness reacts to economic growth & war cross-nationally #SocSciResearch
Historical analysis of national subjective wellbeing using millions of digitized books
Analysis of words used in magazines, newspapers & books over the last 200 years finds that the 1880s was Britain's happiest decade: The new study in also looks at trends in USA, Germany and Italy