My book is out *today*—you can pick up Self-Portrait in Black and White at any bookstore, order online or read on Kindle now (audio is coming soon)! This interview with in the is a generous distillation of what I’m trying to say
You can get anything published today arguing being hyper-focused on your race (and everyone else's) is of highest moral priority. But the truly subversive argument is to try and do away with the confines of race altogether, as explores
I feel frustrated by most racial politics discourse, which center on outright ignorance, abusive shaming campaigns or chauvinistic racial pride, none of which produces empathy or equality. Looking forward to 's book on unlearning race.
As part of our series for Black History month, we are featuring a few key thinkers from our community reflecting on this history. Today, we bring you a recent interview with Thomas Chatterton Williams, who wonders whether it might be time to unlearn race.
Good interview with on ethnicity, identity politics & identity.