Peter Navarro, Trump's trade adviser and chief cheerleader of his China policy, has apparently been quoting staunch China hawk "Ron Vara" in his books for years. But: 1. Ron Vara is an anagram of Navarro. 2. Ron Vara doesn't exist. digs in
I know it’s been a hectic news day, but don’t miss this story on the expert that Trump’s top China adviser, Peter Navarro, has cited frequently in his past books and studies. His name is Ron Vara. He doesn’t exist. Ron Vara is an anagram of Navarro.
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Ron Vara thinks you’ve “got to be nuts to eat Chinese food.” He doles out little scraps of wisdom, like “Don’t play checkers in a chess world.” He's a staple in books by Trump's key China advisor, Peter Navarro. He also doesn't exist.
In many of his past books, Trump's top trade adviser Peter Navarro has cited a supposed scholar and investor named "Ron Vara." But according to the Chronicle Review, "Ron Vara" doesn't exist, and appears to be an alter ego for Navarro himself.
Peter Navarro has apparently invented a fictitious person whom he quotes in his books. White House spokesman John Barron declined comment.
This is amazing. An Australian professor of Japanese and Korean history discovered that Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro has been citing a made-up authority for years. Cable news bookers, are you listening?
In normal times, in normal administrations, this would be big and a real problem. via
Still can't believe this: Navarro, one of Trump's top trade advisers, has been quoting Ron Vara, a China-bashing, Harvard-trained military vet for years. Vara is an invention, an anagram of Navarro. His co-author, Glenn Hubbard, was surprised to hear it. 😹
Peter Navarro has a imaginary friend in his books. RON VARRA is an anagram of NAVARRO.
White House advisor Peter Navarro quotes an invented person in six of his books -- military veteran "Ron Vara". Navarro, when confronted by , says the fake character is akin to "Alfred Hitchcock appearing briefly in cameo in his movies."
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