Turns out everybody needs a mask. Happy Halloween.
The FBI is currently collecting data about our faces, irises, walking patterns, and voices, permitting the government to pervasively identify, track, and monitor us. We're suing.
No student should be forced into school-sponsored religious activities. Thatโ€™s why weโ€™re suing Tennesseeโ€™s Smith County School System for imposing official prayers, distributing bibles, and blatantly disregarding the separation of church and state.
Smith County Schools in Tennessee impose prayer as part of school events, display Christian symbols, and promote biblical scripture. Our teen clients have had enough. Today, with the & , they sued their school.
Seeking asylum is legal: people at our border are asking us for help. "How will we respond to their suffering? Will we allow the most hateful and uncaring among us to write our history, or will we fight back and demand better?" #StandUpForHumanRights, USA!
5 photojournalists who traveled to Mexico to report on conditions facing immigrants at the border were tracked, detained, and interrogated by the US government. Weโ€™re suing on their behalf.
An Arizona sheriff placed a 15-year-old quadruple amputee who posed no threat into a headlock and then pinned him to the ground. This police officer used excessive, abusive force when no force was required at all.
The FBI is currently collecting data about our faces, irises, walking patterns, and voices, permitting the government to pervasively identify, track, and monitor us.
Last year, sued a number of people who were mean to him online, including the parody accounts and . Now, heโ€™s attempting to unmask the Cowโ€™s identity by subpoena.
A deputy slammed a 15-year-old's head into the wall while he was handcuffed. There is no other way to describe it โ€” this was inhumane, cruel, and abusive.
On Tuesday, a federal court blocked Alabamaโ€™s abortion ban from taking effect. The ACLU has an undefeated, 7-0 record challenging state abortion bans in court. Abortion is โ€” and will remain โ€” legal in all 50 states.
Four atheist students are suing their public school district for violating their right to religious freedom. We asked about their experience, their friendship, and why they decided to sue.
The is suing on behalf of photojournalists who were included in a secret database of disfavored reporters and singled out for extensive border searches after reporting on asylum seekers.
We wear masks on Halloween for fun. But what if we had to wear a mask every single day to protect our privacy from the government's oppressive eye? No thanks.
Happy Halloween! We're suing the FBI.
Thirty-eight states have no law requiring the provision of menstrual products to incarcerated people. Kimberly experienced this first-hand.
Congress now has three months to reform our surveillance laws to better protect our privacy rights, or to let the spying authorities sunset altogether. The clock is ticking.
The age of robot surveillance is around the corner, and the watchers will soon far outnumber the watched.
Did you know that, under current regulations, online marketers are allowed to share information about diseases you or your family members have? We all have a stake in the battle for stronger online privacy.
Can you imagine a cop pinning down a 15-yr-old quadruple amputee with no arms and no legs while screaming at him, then slamming another kid into the wall for videotaping the abuse, then arresting both kids for disorderly conduct? This actually happened.
And theyโ€™re suing.
NEW: I met 'Julia,' a Nicaraguan student activist, in Ciudad Juarez last month. She fled her home after friends were shot in front of her. Now she's stuck on the border under a policy that sends asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico.
#Abortion is Legal in All 50 States, and We Intend to Keep It That Way
โ€œI want to opt-out.โ€ โ€œLook at the camera.โ€ CBP says US citizens can opt-out of airport facial recognition scans but the experience of this ACLU lawyer suggests that right is not easy to exercise.
Americaโ€™s Mask Bans in the Age of Face Recognition Surveillance
"The Alabama ban, like all the others, is the anti-abortion movementโ€™s true agenda on full displayโ€”ban abortion, punish women, jail doctors, and shame people seeking care...The has an undefeated, 7-0 record challenging state abortion bans." ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
The FBI is Tracking Our Faces in Secret. Weโ€™re Suing. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™
.'s : It is long past due for Congress to renew the protections of the Voting Rights Act. The price of inaction is too high for us to wait. #RestoretheVote
Even this overstates the true impact of the 1st Step Act: of 3100 "released" in July, 1000 sent to ICE to be deported. Real questions raised by ED and others at hearings last week need answers!