Krugman is right, the idea that automation will take away all the jobs is a complete fantasy. Innovation always displaces AND creates jobs, that's how progress works. What we need is massive public investment in workers and infrastructure to manage change
We have huge problems. Runaway automation isn't one of them — and people who insist it is often do so to avoid the real issues
.--Much of the political talk about robots is a diversionary tactic. Blaming robots for our problems is an easy way to sound trendy & an excuse for not supporting policies that would address the real causes of weak growth & soaring inequality.
Harping on the dangers of automation is a sort of escapist fantasy for centrist politicians who don’t want to confront truly hard questions, says
THREAD: Let us take you down the 'Robot Rabbit Hole' 🕳️🐇🤖 and explore 200 years of automation fears. (h/t )
Always good to have a Nobel laureate like allude to your work Agree with his assessment that automation is nothing new—but that doesn’t mean we should remain complacent (1/7)
very sharp piece from . Note CNN fake claim follows Easterbrook's Law of Doomsaying -- predict disasters 10 years off, which is close enough to sound scary, far enough that in 10 years everyone will forget what you predicted
I’m not [email protected] gets this one right. Productivity stats miss something crucial. ⁦⁩ has shown how huge advances in ICT enabled outsourcing on a massive scale. That’s technology and trade having big job/wage impacts.
's comments on 's labor economics policy, and it fits to a T the 21st century skills movement in education: "As far as I can tell, he’s offering an inadequate solution to an imaginary problem, which is in a way kind of impressive."
Please Don't blame the robots for all our problems
Democrats, avoid the robot rabbit hole. Blaming robots for our problems is both an easy way to sound trendy and forward-looking and an excuse for not supporting policies that would address real causes of weak growth and soaring inequality — Paul Krugman
"Warren was surely wrong to suggest, however, that changing trade policy would do much to bring good jobs back."
via I am no fan of ⁦⁩ who I usually find unremittingly partisan, but this takedown of ⁦⁩ is dead on.