Woke GQ reeks of fear all these displays of political piety are like Havel's workers of the world unite, they're driven by fear not sincerity (wokest of the world unite, obv etc etc)
"It is an editorial talent of a kind, to be so craven that you will jump on any trend as soon as you think it is no longer worth resisting." |
On GQ’s descent into wokeness
“What is 'the patriarchy'? What are its 'sins'? Why do all men have to be called to account for them? Any more than all women do?” |
If you get woke, you go broke |
Woke GQ reeks of fear 
It's on fleek about GQ, as per
'Sensible people will simply ignore GQ’s advice, realising that although women want many things, what they want least of all are the ex-men that GQ has now dedicated itself to creating.' 😂🤡
This issue is trying to save men from the accusations being made about them — by promising that they have surrendered already |
Money-makers like are keen to jump on the woke bandwagon and milk it for all it’s worth |
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