Thanks to 2008 & the climate crisis age is a critical dividing line in politics again. I looked at how our flawed political system holds young people and new ideas back, and why older people need to join the fight against the gerontocratic establishment.
Unlike boomers who rallied under the ageist motto “Don’t trust anyone over 30,” today's youth are more class conscious than age essentialist, embracing older candidates (hello Bernie!) who embrace millennial priorities of economic and ecological justice.
In our gerrymandered winner-take-all system "millennials, concentrated in cities, are the predominant generation of potential voters in only 86 congressional districts; boomer voters predominate in 341." Same numbers yield young people far less influence
"Black and indigenous people, white men without property, women and some religious groups were all excluded from America’s original democratic compact," writes . "So were young people."
Superb piece re: how the U.S. political system is stacked against youth & what to do about it. I grew up in a family where respecting elders was paramount. It shaped me. But we must turn more power over to youth for their & our sake.
“By [Oxford professor William McCaskill’s] accounting, 18- to 27- year-olds should possess six times the voting weight of someone 68 or older. […] Why shouldn’t those who will have to live longer with the consequences of elections have more of a say?”
Here's on gerontocracy in the US (but we have this problem in the UK too)
Great piece by in about our "gerontocracy"
Political power is increasingly concentrated in the old
There is a reason for this - it’s called perspective, and most often (though not always) comes with maturity. It’s absence is on full view in today’s politics.
Our democracy today is dominated by the old, and young people are getting a bad deal.
The NYT weighs in on the American gerontocracy, focusing just on voters. Some interesting new details here. Last month I wrote about the age problem with America’s leaders, voters, and system of government.
😮 “By 2040, 70 percent of Americans are expected to live in the 15 most populous states; that would mean that 70 percent of America will be represented by only 30 senators.”